My quest to no bra wear weekened_Episode 3

Its liberating for me to knowing that I can pull off an outfit with no bra. I feel such freedom and control since I’m not dictated by public opinion of what is “kosher” to wear. For fear of being condemned for going outside of what is proper and what is not.

The idea of breast feeding in public alone is straining social norms which should be normal behavior. Especially for those who believe they evolved from monkeys, why aren’t monkeys banned from breastfeeding. Also, I don’t see the monkeys being ridiculed for publicly feeding their young while in the wild or in a zoo.

Is it the issue of nipples that bring ire or discust in social media? Celebrities strut their nipples in see through attires in the red carpet its accepted. However  once breasts are used for nurturing human babies its a public outcry! Come on people!

Anyway enough of my rant because in this episode, blazers is what got me to be comfortable this weekend.