Lingerie to street style

I kept seeing this trend of maximizing the use of lingerie outside of sleep wear. At first I was skeptical because how could something that is either frilly, skimpy, silky and laced up pieces of clothing be appropriate enough outside of the bedroom.

…Then a rich deep purple silk high low with black laced cups changed my mind. It is gorgeous on its own but as I layered it with a printed black and white flowly top secured with a black broach on a pair of black cowboy boots. My hair twisted up similar to Chun Li from Street Fighter.

My fashion looked like a hodge podge of confusing elements but it worked! I┬ádefinitely made a statement at a party because I didn’t show up in casual beach wear like everyone else.

I can’t wait to style up this sky blue cupped frilly baby doll lingerie this weekend. Its fun knowing you can enjoy lingerie wear outside of bed.

Mistaken identity

Thanks to President’s Day I have a dayoff and as my way of paying omage I decided to wear a patriotic themed outfit. I made sure the red, white and blue colors are present from my bandana and checkered shirt. I finished it off with blue eyeshadow to complete my ensemble. Overall, I looked like the Pacific Islander version of Rosie the Riveter.

I went about my day without a hitch, it was slightly boring since its my usual errands which I typically do. This afternoon however was different which started with a construction right in front of the grocery store I meant to shop in order to make dinner. To avoid the traffic I went the bumpy back road and managed to reach the store and go through my shopping.

This is where it got interesting because as I was done putting my grocery bags inside my trunk, a random guy approaches telling me my check is ready to be picked up. I told him, I’m not the right person he’s referring to so I proceeded to leave. However the cops were there investigating something that I’m allegedly involved so when I proceeded to drive away to leave the guy who approached me kept pointing towards me until the cop had to pull me over.

Needless to say, I went through the motions by provided my ID while telling the guy who pointed me out that, its not me as I blurted out explesitives while glaring at him at the same time. Good thing he left or I would have given the cops a reason to take my information.

After a few minutes of confirming I wasn’t what they were looking for. I told the cop he made my day exciting after which I gingerly drove back to the same bumpy road on my way home.

Moral of the story: Thank goodness for clear video photage!