Joining the thrifting bandwagon.

Ever since I gained weight I had to purge my closet of clothes I would rather not work into getting back into. I admit my body is changing and will continue to change but how do I do it on a budget? I say, Thrifting!

Blame it on my me binging on Youtube videos about Thrifting and sure enough I got hooked. Even during my vacation my daughter and I went thrifting, now I have several outfits at a fraction of the cost!

Since I started here’s a few tips I learned:

1. Wear clothes that you can either pull in and out off or easily layer with, just in case the thrift shop does not have a changing room or is too crowded that there’s a long line to it.

2. Leave your inhibitions outside before heading in the store, in case you have to do tip number 1 in plain site. No shame here.

3. Try on anything and disregard sizing. Ladies, I cannot emphasize that enough. I would have missed out on a beautiful lingerie piece just because I thought the size “Small” would not fit. I’m so glad I went against the sizing.

4. When I mentioned try on anything, it meant going against gender and age group. Ladies, don’t dismiss out on the mens section and kids section. Why limit yourself, as long as it fits to your comfort level. I say why not?

5. Don’t dismiss the shoes either. Yes there is the “ick factor” but with just a little bit of deodorizing or cleaning, you’re all set.

6. Accessorize! Don’t forget to look at the belts, scarves, purses or hats. I scored a red scarf that blends well with a top that I could not wait to show off.

7. Cross over to other cultural patterns, cuts and designs. Take a risk and broaden up your fashion wardrobe. Let your wardrobe be a conversation starter.

8. Need ideas for a halloween costume? Thrifting has you covered from clothes to props, just use your imagination.

9. Browse through their home furnishings section. Its usually filled with an eclectic sort of furniture, lamps, paintings, mirrors and figurines.

10. Bring cash just in case the store only accepts cash (ie. garage sales, flea markets).


Styling with men’s loafers.

Finally! I took the leap of pairing men’s loafers with a dress under a men’s shirt. You see, I envy ladies who can pull an androgyny look because I like it when the standard feminine look can be easily styled with masculine pieces. To me the end result looks unique with a hint of intrigue.

I love dressing up no matter the occassion or none occassion. For instance, this is my outfit as I went grocery shopping. I shop in long sleeves to keep me comfortable especially as I shop at the frozen section.

I have to admit, it took awhile for me to finally have the courage to pair men’s loafers with something that is not a pair of pants/shorts. For some reason, I finally did it! Its funny because I felt liberated because I pushed myself from my comfort zone.

Now its only a matter of time when I will finally pair men’s loafers with maxi dresses and/or summer dresses. Hmmmmm?20190101_154724

Baby steps love, baby steps…

Airport friendly go-to wear.

Comfort is key when it comes to travelling. My go-to is your typical sweats and sneakers but depending on the weather would determine how comfortable I want to be.

For instance during cold weather; my staple would be a heavy coat, scarf or beanie, gloves, a long sleeve top, pants and comfortable shoes. At this point, I don’t bother with booties no matter the heel height because I like it to be close toed shoes, with no hassle of taking it off or putting it on.20181213_233613

In hot weather, less is more but since I get cold easy inside the airplane I wear a T-shirt, a pair of sweatpants, sneakers, and a light jacket.

To complete my travelling in comfort, I make sure I packed light with only the essentials. This includes a backpack as my carry-on. Inside it would have my pair of noise cancelling headphones for long flights, snacks, and a book just to name a few. I only bring a laptop when I need it for school.

The duration of my trip and purpose determines how many checked luggage I bring. For a two week stay due to training, I managed to pack one medium sized luggage. As a typical pack rat, I consider that an accomplishment!



Gym wear faux pas

I tend to people watch in between workout sets and I can’t help but notice patrons having gym wear faux pas. Granted, yes we are not there for a fashion show and yes I should focus more on exercising but I can’t help it.

Disclaimer: I am in no means an expert on what is proper gym wear so what faux pas I might mention below are merely my observations.

Gym wear faux pas:

1. Skimpy gym wear worn by millenials to baby boomers. Nothing against those who are bold enough to  flaunt their fit or non fit bods but we are in an enclosed space, usually bombarded in loud music with scents mingled in sweat. Please do not add more to my sensory overload.

2. Ill fitting gym shoes. At least with the local gym I attend to I noticed some patrons in the weight room wearing converse shoes. I guess I’m so used to wearing running shoes when working out that seeing non-athletic shoes seems odd.

3. Gym bags. I myself is an offender of this because I use a cheetah print handbag as my gym bag since I only carry my accordion wallet, hand towel and keys. Also, I shower at home after my workout so I don’t need to use a typical gym bag. 20181110_141349

4. Gym wear accouterments such as weight belt, weight gloves and various gym pads. Clearly, these are needed to the comfort and safety of the user but it gets expensive. Thankfully, our gym offers some of the accouterments to be rented for the day but non-availability and sanitary issues is a personal inconvenience so I don’t even bother.

5. This pertains to the selfie generation. You already know you look good in your outfit but please don’t use the gym as your personal runway by taking more selfies and hogging the mirrors more than working out itself.






Girl on wearing men’s loafers.

I long for comfort especially when it comes to my feet. Sadly, Im not the type to enjoy pedicures since I dread the loofah or any scrubbing by the pedicurist’s, because I always end up mustering all my effort from giggling since my feet are ticklish.

Therefore, the only way for me to “pamper” my feet is by wearing non heeled shoes, so what’s more non heeled than men’s loafers!

I have to admit, at first I was not drawn to it since I can’t get over the fact that everytime I try a pair or two and look down, my feet end up looking like two airplanes!¬†However the more I try more pairs of mens loafers, the more I start to appreciate the unique look.

As you can tell below, I went the extra mile to take as many comparisons as possible. One foot stays the same while the other is my “sample” foot.







In the end I own three pairs of mens loafers, below’s my experience so far;

1. Start with neutral colors so you can easily pair it with your current wardrobe. For me, I own two in dark brown color and a pair in black.

2. Men’s loafers come in many colors and designs. I suggest going for nothing too loud in color or too flashy in design. Make it worth your money so choose loafers that you can wear as much as possible.

3. Look at the bottom of the loafers because some have little to no sole grip. Those are designed for office or formal wear. Its best to invest in loafers you won’t slip over.

4. Depending on your comfort level, men’s loafers can be worn with or without socks!

5. Dare yourself to pair it with your dressy outfits, I haven’t crossed that treshold yet but eventually I will.

6. If you are still adamant at trying out anything from the men’s section, go when its not too crowded. Usually as the store opens or near closing hours; retail sites often show their peak hours so you can gauge what’s the best time for you.

7. If you’re still self concscious about it, bring a male counterpart to shop with you so its not as awkward as you make it seem.

Other than that, enjoy the experience if not the finds, until my next post!