Poshmark vibes

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since my last post because of life changes such as moving and holidays with family. However, I have been busy selling some excess stuff on Poshmark. For those not in the know, it’s a site more like EBay where buyers and sellers can share their wares. The great thing about it is sellers have pre-determined shipping cost and labels once an item or bundle sells. I have started listing to my shop as wannabe_thrifty since Dec 27 last year and have sold 11 items so far. I’m continually listing and revamping my online shop so feel free to partake if you like. Thus far, I love the transparency and community Poshmark has between sellers and buyers. Therefore, I’m enjoying my part time seller status. I look forward to what you think of it as a side-hustle. It’s bad for me because whatever I make I end up buying from someone in the app. Overall, it goes back to the website but I love the thrill of shopping and shipping fashionable items. To me it’s been amazing, if you have a Poshmark account, feel free to share yours so we can spread your listing too.


My quest to no-bra wear weekends, Episode 1.

Every weekday my chest is subjected to sports bras even if I am only blest with a humble cup size, the likes of teenage girls before hormone altered food was sold in grocery stores. I mean a NEGATIVE-A cup size. I used to buy my bras at the girls section frequented only by teenage girls and their moms, shopping for their first pair. Here I am a 30+ old woman shopping for the same thing but like everything in life change happens, meaning motherhood and gravity took over so now I have to resort to sports bras just to feel comfortable.

With my weekday restrictions I felt the need to literally “free the ta-tas” by going bra less every weekend. Thanks to my chest size still being the same but non-perky, I figured I share my tips with each episode.

For episode 1, Ruffles! I successfully worn colorful ruffles around my chest area with no issue. The ruffling is somewhat similar to the curve of a bust is expected so I managed to make it work twice already.


My “go-to” summer time planning.

Summer break is upon us and like any parent with kids at school we’re planning for affordable trips once school is over. It was easy to plan for little ones since either way they’re going to like it. Unfortunately as kids grow up to teenagers then what I think as fun might not be the case anymore. For instance I read up on WWOOFing. Its a cheap way to have lodging at a farm in exchange for a few hours of helping out at the farm. I thought it would be fun trying out farming for a few days, I’m sure my daughter and I could learn something new. Well she didn’t think so…

Therefore, here I am looking for a plan B which would be expensive so I figured since I’m going for broke, might as well do something we both have never done, which is be on a cruise. Therefore, I summed up the courage to call the agent and in no time my wallet was feeling empty. A few more paperwork and we’re set. Now lodging and transportation after the trip is planned for. Airbnb for lodging and experiences is a great way to explore while transportation with rental car has been my go-to.

Share some of your go-to summer tips and tricks.


Questionable vehicle “merch”

Three times this past week, I’ve encountered the same eye opener car accessory hanging from this particular car. Its in the shape of the male genatalia driven by a male driver. Either its just a small area that I work in or that I keep encountering the same driver.

To me, it was funny so I started taking photos just to prove a point. However as I shared my encounter, it was met with disgust or merely dismissed. This got me into thinking, would it be the same response if the opposite sex’s merch was displayed in the same way, regardless of the sex of the driver?

No one would dare for fear of backlash and be accussed of being a sexist, crude and of “bad taste.” Depending on the social norms or environment, I guess. Its a weak argument but its something to consider. Right?

Dry but high on life.

When I took my week long leave I made a point to not indulge in alcohol for different reasons;

1. Loss a few pounds.

2. Spend more quality time with my daughter.

3. Reach a natural way of sleep that is not dependent on alcohol.

I’m used to having 2 glasses of wine every night with dinner so by day 5 my body was in withdrawal. I have to say I cheated by drinking 3 wine coolers in one night.

However after my leave, I had to indulge again by treating myself with a long island ice tea. I have to say it was the best one after my short dry spell.

I noticed that even with the short amount of time without alcohol, my alcohol dependency was curbed. I don’t have the urge to drink every night anymore which is a good thing, since its helps me towards my goals and I get to save some money.

I have to say my drink of choice is red wine. For me the darker, the bitter, the better.

My cold DC experience

Per my usual, every time I travel outside of my island home its always cold no matter where I end up. DC is definitely cold for me as I observed locals jogging in shorts and T-shirt passing us in puffs of warm breath. Like human trains chugging along for every jog they make.

As a tourist, a group of us walked to the famous monuments/museums and experienced oddities such as protests in front of the capitol and chants in Arabic outside the backyard of the White House. From local police barring us from walking towards the front of the White House, to a homeless man setting up a permanent protest tent near the backside of the White House.

Its a reminder of how much liberty and priviledged we are compared to other nations. Besides all the observed oddities, DC is beautiful. The cherry blossom trees in bloom was a site to see, to the unique colonial homes.

Given the cold weather, I am glad for the wonderful experience. By the way, I recommend eating at Sardis. Its a Peruvian restaurant and my first time at it. Let me know if its authentic enough or not. Better yet, make other suggestions of other places to eat at DC.

“Energizer” bunny bag…my unconventional take on Easter basket

Fundraising for Easter gave my creative juices a twist regarding the traditional Easter basket. I figured an “Energizer” bunny fueled by Duracel batteries and gym workout shakes/snacks and workout gear would give things an interesting perspective.

…so off I went, I randomly selected some protein drinks/shakes, energy  snacks/shots, small gym bag, muscled theme beach towel, headphones, a first aid kit, protein tumbler & shaker with 2 adorable stuffed toy bunnies to end it all off.

Assembling the bag was tricky but fun to say the least specially figuring out how to attach the kid sunglasses to both bunnies.

Wish us luck in raising a lot for our fundraiser next month.

Silence is control

Misunderstandings between people are normal, often times with raised voices and pointing fingers. In doing so I have reacted in every state possible, from one extreme of complete anger to the other end of the spectrum with silence.

The moment I react with extreme anger, I end up feeling a false sense of victory since I immediately feel bad. Whether or not my reaction at the time had merit or not didn’t matter. I still end up with a sense of guilt and shame.

Surprisingly enough, when my reaction in defense is with silence; I end up feeling defeated but I seem to gain control and victory. It is not easy but when I know I am in the wrong and am willing to learn. I think its unnecessary to waste time and energy by reacting in anger.

Today was one when silence was in control and I plan to use it as often as I am able to. At the end of the day I get to sleep with no regrets.

It proved true this morning as I was finishing up this blog post at a parking lot, the driver on the passenger side opened his door wide enough that it touched my passenger side door. I happened to be inside my car and as we both locked eyes I had to laugh in response because fate was testing my resolve and again silence won.

Of course the driver gestured his apologies as he inspected his side of the door. It seemed he didn’t notice any damage so its all good so he went about his day as I did mine. I’ll just have to wait for sun up for me to see anything anyway.

Silence is control.



Lip Gloss Blunder!

I meant to start my work week by prepping my clothes for starting tomorrow. Unfortunately, as I pulled my clothes from the dryer I noticed splotches of pink on some clothes as I pulled clothes out.

The culprit was my trusty ever so glossy Lip Glow. Its my favorite and sadly its ruined as I proceeded to look down the empty tube. What a waste! Instead of it plastered on my lips now its all over my clothes.

Needless to say, it would take a lot of scrubbing and a weird concoction  thanks for a YouTube video in ways to take the stains out.

On top of it, I owe someone a replacement pair of khaki pants.


Any ideas on how to remove dried on lip gloss stains?