Dry but high on life.

When I took my week long leave I made a point to not indulge in alcohol for different reasons;

1. Loss a few pounds.

2. Spend more quality time with my daughter.

3. Reach a natural way of sleep that is not dependent on alcohol.

I’m used to having 2 glasses of wine every night with dinner so by day 5 my body was in withdrawal. I have to say I cheated by drinking 3 wine coolers in one night.

However after my leave, I had to indulge again by treating myself with a long island ice tea. I have to say it was the best one after my short dry spell.

I noticed that even with the short amount of time without alcohol, my alcohol dependency was curbed. I don’t have the urge to drink every night anymore which is a good thing, since its helps me towards my goals and I get to save some money.

I have to say my drink of choice is red wine. For me the darker, the bitter, the better.

Low-key changes towards losing weight.

Working out in the hopes of losing weight is not enough for my body to shed unwanted pounds, so I am slowly changing my diet but still feel full and not cheated of calories my body craves.

Low-key but healthy changes for me does not include fad diets, cleansing concoctions, calorie counting or fasting. Just mentioning such things makes me hit the “easy” button of taking fat burn pills or quiting altogether.

Let me share ways of what I started so far:

1. Small changes by adding veggies to my meals and snacking on freeze dried fruits. Nothing too drastic but I know it will become a routine.

2. Not cutting on alcohol, just being picky about what I drink such as strictly sticking with red wine.

alcohol bar beverage black background
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3. Sunday is cheat day so my body does not feel deprived too much.

4. Continue with my 5 day work out routine. Alternating days of weight training days and cardio.

5. Pack lunch with healthy snacks in between.

6. Purge my pantry and fridge of old or expired meals/ingredients, this includes spices.

anise aroma art bazaar
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7. Bulk buy only when its a staple ingredient/supply.

8. If possible, invest in the upkeep of your home, such as professionally cleaning your AC units and installing water purifiers. It pays off in the long run, your health would thank you.IMG-20190202-WA0007

9. Surround yourself with those who trully support and motivate you. Avoid or cut out those who only drag you down.

10. Keep up with your bills, the last thing you need is stressing about keeping your account current. Stress only limits your ability to lose weight.